Colombia Bird Fair 2015 en la ciudad de Cali

En el marco de Colombia Bird Fair 2015 en la ciudad de Cali, lanzamos la convocatoria a fotógrafos del proyecto Transmedia Aves Colombianas. Con este proyecto Ficciones Sanadoras pretender reunir las más bellas imágenes de las aves de nuestro territorio (migratorias, endémicas, casi endémicas y comunes) y plasmarlas en una colección de láminas autoadhesivas que se completan en un álbum. Las láminas y el álbum podrán adquirirse en todo el territorio nacional a través de almacenes


Rufous Antpitta Grallaria rufula Andean Emerald Amazilia franciae Nazca Booby Sula granti Multicolored Tanager Chlorochrysa nitidissima Vermilion Cardinal Cardinalis

Birds and cultural identity

In 2015, we invited professionals and amateur photographers from all over the country to share their bird photographs to create a photographic collection that could serve to highlight this natural wealth of our country and generate resources to support conservation processes, environmental education And development of Aviturismo. There were 85 photographers who attended our call, we received two thousand photographs and selected 475 for the first edition of the collection. Today we are ready to

COLOMBIA – The paradise for birders

For this campaign we have organized a package of excellent rewards that includes tours of bird watching through forests and unexplored jungles in Colombia, beautiful works of art and design produced by great artists, among them the LEGO birds and a paper sculpture of Archeopteryx bavarica Produced by the Plastic artist Diana Beltrán Herrera. In addition to traveling or having one of these works at home you will also receive the complete collection of Colombian