Birds and cultural identity

For two years we have been implementing in Colombia our program Bird culture, culture of peace, through which strengthens learning processes in young people interested in birds by bringing them books and equipment, and by providing workshops with birding tourism experts aimed at creating the next generation of birdwatching guides. The collection is the focal point of this capacity building program, and also a tool to sensitize the Colombian population about this natural treasure and encourage the birders from all the world to visit our country. The resources obtained from the other half of the print run in Colombia, and bird-related events in Europe and the United States, will be donated to 25 organizations that promote education, conservation, and the development of birding tourism in different parts of the country.

In 2015, we invited professionals and amateur photographers from all over the country to share their bird photographs to create a photographic collection that could serve to highlight this natural wealth of our country and generate resources to support conservation processes, environmental education And development of Aviturismo. There were 85 photographers who attended our call, we received two thousand photographs and selected 475 for the first edition of the collection. Today we are ready to print the first print run of the collection (11,000 albums + 5,000,000 stickers). It is a collaborative social – environmental project to help the conservation of birds. The following are companies and organizations that have supported us in the development of this project.

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